High School Construction Update - October 2016


3-Story Academic Wing - The north end(Mulberry Street entrance) is under roof and because of that, drywall and paint are going up on the walls.  The administration and counseling areas are looking like office areas and conference rooms.  The art rooms are enclosed now as the doors to the outdoor education space are installed.  The last of the floor has been poured and the south entrance by the gymnasium is enclosed.  The last of the steel is going up at the south entrance and soon the main corridor of the building will be under roof and enclosed.  The glass corner on the third floor is complete.  Many people have asked what that space will be behind the glass corner.  It will be the students' library.  On the south end of the building, the 3rd floor is going up very quickly.  Along with the walls going up, the brick is going on.  They are concentrating on the very back of the building to get the mechanical room under roof for occupancy of parts of the building by February of 2017. 


High School Construction Update - September 2016


Ticket Booth - The ticket booth was fully utilized for the opening of the 2016 football season.  It opened with great success, including a 25-20 win over the visiting Shikellamy Braves.  There were very few lines and the entrance and exit of the stadium is a much smoother process for our fans.  Thanks to everyone for their understanding of the parking situation and making everything work last week.


3-Story Academic Wing - The north end(on Mulberry St.) of the 3-story academic wing is almost finished.  Roofing will begin next week and several windows have been installed.  The monumental stair that goes to the 2nd floor is installed.  On the south end of this building, the walls are up to the 3rd floor.  Steel will be set in the coming weeks as the back half of the building starts to catch up to the front.  Work on electrical, plumbing and HVAC continues on all parts of this building.


Interior Renovations - We have been using the semi-renovated spaces since the start of school.  Lockers arrived, were installed, and assigned to students on Friday, August 26, 2016.  The locker room lockers are in place and in use by the students and our football teams are moved in to their "new" team rooms.  The student reaction has been favorable and although ceilings, floors, and other cosmetic things aren't completed, we had a great start to the school year.


High School Construction Update - 8/1/2016


Ticket Booth - The soffit and fascia is being installed on the ticket booth.  The roof is completed and the fencing and gates are being installed.  This should all be done by the end of this week.  Our youth football clinic used the entrance last week and the band is using it this week for band camp.  They all are using the AstroTurf field for their events.

3-Story Academic Wing - The north end(on Mulberry St.) of the 3-story academic wing is almost finished.  The walls are just about done with the roof steel ready to be set in the next couple of weeks.  On the south end of this building, the final pour is set for later this week that will finish the floor on the 2nd floor in the whole wing.  The walls are starting to go up on the back half of this building.


Interior Renovations - The drywall laminate is going up in the classrooms and painting continues.  The floors are being installed in the locker rooms and most of the lighting is complete in the boys' and girls' locker rooms.  The new LED lighting is energy efficient and very bright.  Most all of the plumbing is complete.  


Exterior Work - The driveway, ticket booth, tech ed area, and District Office parking lot are ready for pavement.  This will be started on Thursday, 8/4/2016.  It should be completed by next week.  We will be back in the parking lots and off the neighborhood streets for parking.  Thanks to our neighbors around the school for their understanding during construction.


High School Construction Update - 7/22/2016

Ticket Booth- The interior of the ticket booth and framing has been painted.  All of the ceiling material has been painted as well and awaits installation after the electrical is completed.  The final grading of the area and pavement prep has been completed.  Paving should begin at or around 8/1/2016.


3-Story Academic Wing- The brick on the front half of the building closest to Memorial Stadium is nearly completed.  On the third floor, the masons continue to run walls up to final height.  On the back half of this building, they have poured the floors.  The faculty room has also been poured on the second floor as part of the connection of the renovations to the addition. Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC continue their work of installing the network of pipes, wires and ductwork that will make the building run.




Interior Renovations- Painting continues in the building. The gym, locker rooms, and the gym hallway are just about complete. They started putting the walls back together this week. Drywall laminate is being used to cover up some cosmetically terrible walls in the corridors and classrooms from 1949. New plumbing fixtures have started to be installed in the locker rooms. They are also preparing the floors in the locker room areas to receive the new resinous flooring. All of the locker bases are in waiting for new lockers.

High School Construction Update - 7/18/2016
Ticket Booth- The ticket booth is nearing completion.  Prep work for final paving begins on 7/25/2016.  The roof should be completed this week.  Lighting and other internal electrical for the ticket booth will also be completed within the next 2 weeks.  This ticket booth will serve as the only entrance and exit from Memorial Stadium for our fans.  It will be fully functional at the start of the fall sports season.  The first projected event using the new ticket booth will be Friday, August 26th at 7:00 pm as our Warriors take on the Braves of Shikellamy in football.
Tech Ed- The tech ed building is complete and we actually started using it the last month of the 2015-16 school year.  The cooler was the only thing not completed in the Agriculture Lab, but the installation of that has been started and will be completed by the start of school.  This building will be fully functional for the 2016-17 school year.  Students will still need to travel to the building using Crawford Alley and the access drive behind the school.  They will walk past the Memorial Gardens and maintenance garage to get to their classes.  Teachers will still allow for extra travel time for students taking classes in the tech ed building.
3-Story Academic Wing- Since the last update, much has changed with this building.  On the north half of the building(closest to Mulberry), you can now stand on the third floor.  The brick has started to go on the front of the building and down the side of it.  On the interior of this part of the building, critical mechanical systems such as heating, ventilation, and cooling, plumbing, and electrical are being installed.  Stud walls have been put up in the office areas and the cafeteria and art rooms are taking shape.  These are the areas that we will occupy first in our phased occupancy starting around January-February of 2017.  The second floor has seen the 7 science labs really start to take shape.  Prep rooms and lab walls are all built.  Door frames are installed.
The back half of this building is also taking shape.  They are soon ready to pour the second floor as the back of the building starts to catch up to the front.  The second floor area of this part of the building will house all classrooms.  The first floor in the back half contains the kitchen, mechanical rooms, and storage to support the building.  Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC continues to be installed in these areas.
Interior Renovations- Painting has started inside the building.  The gym is just about finished and they will move into the locker rooms next.  Flooring will begin sometime at the beginning of August in the locker room areas.  The locker room renovations will be completed for the 2016-17 school year.  The classrooms in the Freshman Hallway will receive some new surfaces, but they will be without ceiling and new flooring to start the school year.  Most of the electrical and plumbing will be completed in this phase, but the HVAC install will not happen until the summer of 2017.  These classrooms will look like they are under construction, but will be serviceable for education this school year.  All heating, lighting, and life safety systems will be in working order.  Students will be safe and separated from the ongoing construction at the school.
Exterior Work- The area on the corner of Arch Street and Mulberry Street is being configured for use as faculty parking.  Most of the current parking lots on campus will be used for construction staging and construction parking.  This required more parking to be developed on site.  The entrance for this new parking will be on Arch Street and the exit will be on Mulberry Street.  It will be a one way traffic flow through this temporary lot.  It will also serve as event parking on evenings and weekends.  
The back lot by District Office, which has been closed most of the summer, will be reopened at the start of school as will the access drive leading back to maintenance and the tech ed building.  August 1, 2016 is the start date of paving work associated with completion of the parking lot and access drive.  We are hoping to get back into the District Office parking lot in mid-August.
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